24th Vibe For Philo - 'Running Back' - 2010

2 weeks after the Event. When they say it's all over, It's not all over completely! Far from it in fact, I'm still collecting money from Ticket outlets, trying to calculate whether we win or lose financially, do settlements and view the Videos for editing and inclusion on the web site. Plus we had busted water pipes in the attic of our house, which was and still is - a big bloody mess. Anyway it was a great two nights entertainment, really enjoyed it. Both Pre Vibe and Main Event.

Bitter sweet sadness on the 4th due to Dennis Keeley's sudden demise and funeral ceremony earlier that day, but the acts all rose to the occasion in Dennis's and Phillip's honour and did us proud. Special note to Hoodoos and Metallitia who were both superb.

Robbie has posted some nice pics by Ray Wright & Hugo Mc Guinness for you to view - and I am on my 3rd and final viewing of the Videos before handing them over for archiving on the Vibe web-site. 10 days/ 2 weeks max...

Thank you all for coming out in the worst weather conditions in yonks. It was worth it I reckon, made it all that more special in fact. Went out to visit Phyllis on Saturday for a proposed quick call and ended up spending 3/4 hours chatting and polishing off the best part of a bottle of Irish Mist between us. Had some good Laughs, would like to think we cheered her up in her sadness. She spins a good yarn, most of which she will no doubt relate to you all at next years Vibe, the Big 25th. which I will be doing research on before I finally wind this one up and take a well deserved holiday or two.

Spoke to original Lizzy manager Terry O Neill earlier today (yes the one who sold them on for 150 pounds ) and he reminded me of the fact that Thin Lizzy did their first gig ever on 16th March at a social club close to Dublin Airport 40 years ago this year - 16th March 1970, Don't know if anybody has any plans to do anything special, but if you do, let me know and I will definitely be there. Need the early material however. A Lizzy Disco perhaps. Now there's a good suss, out of nowhere. Free Adm. Why not... To conclude my "off the head" rant, thanks once again for this years Magical Event and the past 24 years in fact...

As Philo used to say "The Next One Is Always the Best One", Hopefully it will be - The Best Vibe Ever... so - Till the next time... Going out singing... Baby, Baby, Baby....................!!

(an exhausted) $miley Bolger

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The Hoodoo Rhythm Devils

The Hoodoo Rhythm Devils perform Live & Dangerous...







Yellow Pearl

Yellow Pearl - Norway's #1 Thin Lizzy tribute band comes to Dublin!

The hardest working Scandinavian Thin Lizzy tribute band since the mid 90’s!
It looks like 2010 will be the year of Yellow Pearl…

We look forward to see you all in Dublin
Terje, Odd Inge, Svein & Ravn

Visit Yellow Pearl at: www.yellow-pearl.com


As you are no doubt aware by now the lads have been enjoying an exceptionally high profile of late as the winning band in the RTE band competition/reality show,"Karl Spain wants to Rock!" on RTE2 TV.







Tupelo are an exciting, new, original, acoustic roots act consisting of 5 members.

With an eclectic line-up of instruments which includes banjo, guitar, fiddle, saxophone and double bass, Tupelo’s sound is fresh and unique in today’s world of endless electric outfits.





Barry Whyte Band

Barry Whyte has been playing guitar with various bands for the past 20 years. Two years ago he released his first instrumental solo album entitled 'A New Day'.

He is currently working on the follow up record due for a mid 2010 release.
He is also endorsed by Cort guitars.

Joined by his regular drummer Eric Courtney (Phuse, Sugerskin, Judas Goat, Substance)
and bass player Nick Hetherington (New Mythical underground, Substance)

Guest vocalist on the night is Danny Shannahan (Substance)

More info: www.myspace.com/barrywhyteguitar


Silverbird are a young hard rock n roll band from Dublin - they formed in Spring 2008 and are influenced by other irish rock acts such as Thin Lizzy and Rory Gallagher. They play originals 99% of the time but are playing a special Thin Lizzy cover set just for the Vibe.

Since forming, They have been gigging frantically all over Ireland, leading to them performing a set at Oxegen 2009 under the bands former name, Prowler, sharing the stage with acts such as David Kitt and The Mighty Stef.





Keith Grogan & John Nesbitt

Currently working on various projects separately, Keith & John have joined forces for this year's vibe to bring you their own acoustic brand to some of Thin Lizzy's most loved songs.

This is not their first time working with each other however. They once fronted a Thin Lizzy tribute band together called "I Can't Believe It's Not Lizzy" and enjoyed many a gig in The Music Room on Abbey St., even getting on the bill for The Vibe in 2001 in Vicar St. (though the records show our name was "A Bit O'Dublin Lizzy") :)

Keith is a singer/songwriter from Dublin, plying his trade around the bars and open mics of the city. He's currently working on material for his debut album which he hopes to release in early 2010. You can hear Keith and get information on upcoming gigs @ www.keithgrogan.com or check him out on Myspace @ www.myspace.com/keithgroganmusic

John is a talented young guitarist from Finglas in Dublin. As well as working full-time in Perfect Pitch on Exchequer St. John also plays lead guitar in the metal band "Run With The Wolf ". John last played the vibe in 2003 with Deco Kennedy. If you would like to know more about John or listen to his music go to www.myspace.com/runwiththewolfdooms

The Quicksand Band

The Quicksand Band have existed under various guises for the past 4 years. Playing in venues across Dublin City and the country they have developed a unique style and approach to music. The songs bear the influence of rock, folk and a liberal sprinkling of country with a contemporary edge.

Their live performances have gained them a large fan base, drawn to their compelling, exciting and honest delivery of material. The Quicksand Band have had the pleasure of being guests to Declan O'Rourke, Freddie White, Prison Love, Luan Parle, Eric Taylor and John Spillane amongst others.

They recently launched a collection of their music on iTunes entitled Ten Gallon Drought EPs I and II. As avid Thin Lizzy fans they look forward to taking the stage for the Vibe in 2010.



Dave Morrissey

In a time where singer/songwriters can be found on every corner, its getting increasingly more difficult to stand out from the crowd but every now and then, one true talent shines through!

Welcome to Dave Morrissey!

This year, Dave embarked on the ultimate journey of recording his Debut Album, Bring Out The Light, which will be brought to you in the early Spring 2010. The album tracks have been tried and tested live all over the country this year as part of an extensive acoustic tour and now with the finish line in sight, the first single and video will be available for you in January.

Catch Dave live at the Vibe For Philo doin some of Philos solo material and entertaining as usual!



Vibe 2010 Review - Drop-d.ie

Running Back - Vibe Review (Thanks to Paul Murphy at Drop-D www.drop-d.ie)

The 4th of January Dublin was once again taken over by rock fans coming to pay their yearly respects and be with friends in Phil Lynott in the town he loved so well, despite the ice and snow. For a night aptly themed "Running Back".

Sadly it wasn’t only Philip who was being mourned that night, his mother’s partner Dennis Keeley, who passed away on New Year’s Day, and laid to rest earlier that day. A beautiful video tribute was paid to him early in the night.

From the moment the doors were open the Button factory was packed and Smiley Bolger, the organiser of the yearly gig, was ready to entertain the audience and get the party of remembrance underway.

The music and celebration of life went through a mix of diverse renditions from various artists, in the build up to the big event, the Hoodoo Rhythm Devils performing the full Live & Dangerous set.

When Dave Morrisey took to the stage, early in the night, people were already in the swing of things. Befriending strangers with devout singalongs. Dave’s voice has previously been likened to that of Phil Lynott’s and at certain points in Old Town there was no question that Philo has played an important role in shaping this gem of an Irish musician.

Taking things to a slightly more experimental level, stripping away the rock and bringing in a roots trad sound, was a young and energentic group named Tupelo. They were met by some members of the audience with apprehension, with their double bass, banjo, fiddle, sax and guitar. But they quickly won them over especially when they performed Dublin.

Metalitia on the other hand played a short set of Lizzy songs the way they were intended to be played, as fiercely and as loudly as guitar amps can take, and then a little more. Hence forth this Metallica tribute band shall be known as Trash Lizzy. They ripped apart Cold Sweat, Whiskey in the Jar and shook the foundations of the Button Factory with Thunder and Lightning.

But then came the time for The Hoodoo Rhythym Devils to make or break the Vibe for Philo 2010. Taking on such a task as to imitate an entire Thin Lizzy gig was a big and risky step to take. But despite the lack of the famous Thin Lizzy sign and Brian Downey’s gong, and having a bald white singer, they pulled it off. Not only did they pull it off they, pulled it off well. From the wail of the Jailbreak siren right through to Cowboy Song, Suicide and The Rocker, Brian Grace and Phil Edgar’s guitar playing was sublime and note perfect, Eddie G was beyond praise on the drums and John Conlon gave a stunning performance as a Live and Dangerous frontman.

Yellow Pearl, a Lizzy tribute band from Norway rocked on until the early hours of the morning to close the night. Most people had rocked all they could rock during the Live & Dangerous set and wound down their night as the Scandinavian rockers delivered many favourites.

Smiley Bolger gave out some details of the next Vibe which will take place on January 4th 2011. It will be the 25th anniversary of Phil Lynott’s tragic demise and will be one hell of a night for music fans from across the globe.

Depending on who will be confirmed as playing the venue will either be Vicar St or the O2. Many of the former Thin Lizzy members will be asked to rock the memory of Ireland’s Elvis with his fans. Fans who will come out even if there’s six foot of snow on the ground.

Paul Murphy