32nd Vibe - 'Here I Go Again' - 2018

They say you learn a lot about your friends when you're down. These past weeks have been some learning curve. The kind words have been moving, the love abundant, and the well wishes and offers of assistance overwhelming. We had hope to stage a real cracker of a show in 2018 but as the general state of our collective health declined it seemed unlikely that we would achieve anything. But reinvigorated by the love and wishes of the greater "Lizzy Family" out there, and the generous offer of friends to step into the breech, we felt it was impossible to let so many people down, especially those who have already booked to fly into Dublin next January.

So, it may not be what we had planned but it will be a cracker. It may not be Vicar Street but it will be at Whelan's. It might not be quite the 32nd Vibe, but let’s just say it might be 31½. Oh! And there will be a Pre Vibe on the 3rd...

Here I Go Again - the 32nd Vibe for Philo takes place at Whelan's, Wexford Street Dublin thursday 4th January 2018.

The Pre-Vibe also takes place at Whelan's Wednesday 3rd January 2018.

Watch this space for more...



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Main Event


Thursday 4th January @ 7 for 8pm - Whelan's Wexford St.
TICKETS ON SALE from FRI 22nd SEPT 9am: €25 (including booking fee) available online from www.whelanslive.com or Lo-Call 1890 200 078 (1-7pm Monday-Friday)

No Picture Tickets on this occasion I’m afraid, all online e-Ticket jobbies.



Wednesday 3rd January @ 7 for 8pm - Whelan's Wexford St.
TICKETS ON SALE from FRI 22nd SEPT 9am: €15 (including booking fee) available online from www.whelanslive.com or Lo-Call 1890 200 078 (1-7pm Monday-Friday)


2018 Artists / Bands (Click to view)

The Low Riders

The Low RidersThere are no superlatives left to describe the phenomenon that is The Low Riders.

Year after year they have reinvented the wheel, so to speak, as they delve into the songbook and reinvigorate forgotten gems – often turning them into modern day anthems.

Their consistency, quality, and honesty, is unmatched, and as they only come out once a year it would hardly be a Vibe without them.

Fresh from backing up Brian Downey in his "Alive and Dangerous" project, the boys are promising to bring some friends along for a ride on the Lizzymobile. Can’t wait.






Thin az Lizzy

Thin Az LizzyBack in the mists of time John Conlon brought Thin az Lizzy down from Dundalk to become the first Tribute Band proper to play the Vibe. Those with long memories, such as Myles “31 Vibes” Lally, will remember some blistering sets featuring Brian Robertson, John “Irish” Earl’ and Midge Ure.

Once more the boys have dusted themselves down and take up the “Legacy Spot” on the 32nd Bill. Watch the years fall away as these boys still kick some ass on the Classic repertoire section of the show.

Get the latest TaL news at Johnny's site here: Johnnydfoxmusic.com





The Brothers Orr

The Brothers OrrA 12 year old Jamie Orr and Age first came to out attention via the Late Late Toyshow. A memorable set at the 2015 Vibe followed with great things being predicted if they could avoid the inevitable split.

The Brothers Orr

Of course, the artistic differences intervened and a number of name and line-up changes later, Jamie and his brothers Sean & Luke set to give us an update on their efforts.

If Gary Moore had done tributes he might have sounded like these guys. Definitely one to get there early for.

Conor McGouran

Conor McGouranThe Vibes first great Child Prodigy, a then 9 year old Conor’s adrenaline fuelled take on Emerald is still an all time favourite from the early Vibes.

Sadly, he has been missing from the Vibe Stage since he started playing with the big boys like Xerath but were delighted to say he’s back, and to be honest, we couldn’t really celebrate the 32nd Vibe without him. He says this will be a bit dark and heavy.

Prog anyone? Load up on the dandruff!!! Yeahhhhhh!


Dave McGuinness

Dave McGuinnessBack in the mists of time, (long before they became an expensive box of chocolates made in Navan), Lir were one of the hottest grooves on the planet with a dress sense its probably better we forget about.

Arriving fully formed from planet Donaghmede, with the kind of chops that a well-seasoned group of session players would die for, they took Liffey Beat in directions it had never dreamt of, and heaving, sweaty, nights, rockin' the New Inn, are still vivid favourites among those of us with long memories.

In the dull, grey, landscape, of 1990s Dublin, Lir brought colour and excitement and along the way gave us "Inheritance" a multi-layered, tour de force, through the Lizzy Power Trio years vividly captured on the 10th Anniversary DVD.

It's far too long since we've had any Lir people at the Vibe so were delighted to announce that our old friend, Dave McGuinness, will be making an appearance at the 32nd show.

Diddy Levine anybody?