35th Vibe - 2021

Yes - There will be a 35th Vibe on the 4th Jan 2021.

No - There wasn't a chance in hell that we wouldn't mark the day.

Yes - It will be Virtual.

No - You can't go to a venue anywhere to see it, so stay at home and enjoy.

Yes - You will need an internet connection. (If you don't have one, how come your reading this.)

No - It won't cost you a penny to tune in.

The VibeCrew.

Vibe 2021 - Spirit Slips Away

'Spirit Slips Away' 35th Virtual Vibe for Philo January 4th 2021.



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Eric, Philomena and Brian
Brian G and Glen Hansard
Charlie's Angels
Smiley and Philomena
Brian and Eric on the Vibe tour bus 2006