32nd Vibe - 2018

If you haven't got your tickets for the Main Event yet then unfortunately the bad news is that all tickets for the 4th January are now sold out. The good news, however is that tickets are still available for the Pre-Vibe on the 3rd January.

Over the decades the Pre-Vibe evolved partly as a Live Dress Rehearsal, and partly as an opportunity for overseas visitors to met up with old friends, or make new ones, in a more intimate and relaxed scenario than the Main Event. Drawing inspiration from the 1970s "Happenings" Its spontaneity has often led to many of the most memorable performances, jams, guest appearances, or tributes on a given year. The Pre-Vibe has now established itself as a key event in its own right with some regulars preferring its laid-back intimacy to the Vibe itself.

Tickets for the Pre-Vibe are still available on the Whelan's Website at www.WhelansLive.com

Vibe 2018

Tickets for the 32nd Vibe for Philo 'Here I Go Again' are NOW SOLD OUT!. Read more HERE

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Eric, Philomena and Brian
Brian G and Glen Hansard
Charlie's Angels
Smiley and Philomena
Brian and Eric on the Vibe tour bus 2006