36th Vibe - 'This Is The One' - 2023

Original PR from the 36th Vibe
Vibe for Philo 2023 Artwork

All good stories need an ending, happy or otherwise.

Ours is no different - although events of the past few years have impacted significantly on the narrative. From embryonic beginnings we evolved into a cottage industry which gradually grew and now quickly shrinks with each passing year as so many supporters pass on into the Great Gig in the Sky. For 36 years we've kept the flame burning and now, sadly, that race is finally drawing to a conclusion.

Writing this, with the radio on in the background playing Lizzy by the hour, it's difficult to imaging a time when that didn't actually happen. It was hard work getting "our favourite songs" back on rotation, but we managed it, and it's an achievement we are proud of. In fact, we have so much to be proud of, and so much has been achieved over the past four decades that there is really very little left to aspire towards or aim for. And the reality is that time has been catching up with most of us.

So, this is it. The last ever Vibe for Philo! 36.5, if you like. If you're a regular, then you know what to expect. If you've always wanted to go then this is the one and only opportunity left for you.

As ever, THIS IS THE ONE! - The 36.5 Vibe for Philo took place on Wednesday the 4th January 2023.

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Vibe for Philo 2023 Lineup

  • Eric Bell Band
  • Brian Downey
  • The Hoodoos
  • Brian Grace
  • John Conlon
  • John Cummins
  • Jimmy Coup
  • Derek Dempsey (ex The Elite)
  • Keith Grogan
  • H (Dizzy Lizzy)

Vibe for Philo 2023 Gallery

Roddie Cleere
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Hugo McGuinness
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Paddy Dunning
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Eric Bell
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Brian Downey
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John Cummins
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Jimmy Coup
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Keith Grogan
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Derek Dempsey
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The Hoodoos
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Vibe Team Wrap up!
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