26th Vibe - 'Are You Ready?' - 2012

Original PR from the 26th Vibe
* It was decided that the 2012 Vibe would differ slightly from previous (and post) Vibes in that this was to be a 'Fun' Vibe, with the emphasis on a Party atmosphere where Vibers were encouraged to show up in costume. We weren't dissapointed with the result!
Vibe for Philo 2012 Artwork

Are you Ready to Dance?
Are you Ready to hit the Floor?
It's official...

We're in Recession. So - in a nostalgic nod to the last one, and heady nights in McGonagles, The New Inn, Morans Hotel, and the Garden-shed in Collins Avenue, the Smile-meister has dusted down the twin-decks, and will rock the 26th Vibe with another of those legendary sets lovingly preserved on the b-side of The Boomtown Rats "Looking after Number One".

Channeling "the spirits of James Brown and James Joyce", Mick Pyro's Republic of Loose have been admired by everyone from Snow Patrol to Sinead O'Connor and U2. The super radio friendly funksters have won numerous awards and promise something special and poignant for this years show.

Former Bogey Boy and Grandslammer, Doish Nagle brought us to tears with an emotional acoustic set a few years ago. Now he's back with a full-on electric show. If your ready, he's ready. Not to be missed.

The low Riders, aka Matt Wilson and Phil Edgar, personify the best of the current Norn' Iron' Indie scene. Together they are known to vibe regulars for their blistering, heart-rendering, loving, interpretations, of Philo's legacy. Matt's driving the agenda this year, so expect something surprising and left of field, which will probably steal the show again.

"Legends" according to John Rodgers, The Thin Lizzy Experience, make grown men weep and pubescent girls react like they did when Philo tread the boards. They have the lights, the pyrotechnics, the shapes, and a Philo lookalike who'll make you feel like you just walked into the Oldtown video.

Hugo McGuinness

Vibe for Philo 2012 Lineup

Doish Nagle's Grand Slam

Doish Nagle is no stranger to Philo fans as a key member of Grand Slam and last played the Vibe in 2007. This time he's lining out with 'Doish Nagle's Grand Slam' which promises to be a highlight of this years Vibe.

Doish was also a runner up in the 1987 Miss World competition, and if that wasn't enough he went on to become a world champion 3-legged race sprinter earning a silver medal for Ireland in the 1988 Olympics (he could have won a gold if he hadn't run the wrong way around the track).

The Thin Lizzy Experience

The Thin Lizzy Experience formed in the Christmas of 2007 when friends Simon Kaviani (Vocals/Bass) and Chris Gill (Guitar/Vocals) randomly bumped into a long-haired rocker at a Black Sabbath concert, who was sporting a huge tattoo of Phil Lynott on his right arm. Simon went over to congratulate him on his awesome tattoo and taste in music and after the man introduced himself as John Rodgers (Guitar/Vocals), the three got talking about forming a Thin Lizzy tribute band and with the addition of drummer Chris Reynolds, The Thin Lizzy Experience was born.

With their mantra of bringing back the raw essence, power and energy of Lizzys' live performances along with Simons' spitting image of Philip, it wasn't long before The Thin Lizzy Experience got heads turning and tongues wagging. The last year especially has seen the bands' audience increase dramatically.

With a set that can last up to two and a half hours straight through, not only does this band deliver a great show with all the lights and pyrotechnics, but amazing value for money! This band has brought grown men in their fifties to tears with their true to life rendition of the classic song 'Still In Love With You', as well as many of their other hits like 'The Boys Are Back In Town', 'Emerald', 'Jailbreak', 'Dancing In The Moonlight' to name a few.

If anyone wants anything in duty free now is the time to get in touch with the boys!

Republic of Loose

Between 2004 and 2009 Irish band Republic of Loose released three critically acclaimed albums, became the third most played Irish act in the history of Irish radio, toured the US with Snow Patrol, recorded and performed with Bono, Sinead O'Connor, Styles P and Shane MacGowan, toured the UK and Europe, opened up for U2 on their 360 tour, supported The Neville Brothers, Dilated Peoples, Scissors Sisters and Alabama 3 in Europe, became a platinum selling band, reached over 1 million youtube hits, sold over 800000 concert tickets, won a Meteor Award (Irish version of the Grammy's) and were nominated for a choice award (Irish version of the Mercury Music Prize).

At the beginning of 2010 the bands second album was listed in Q magazines 100 top albums of the decade. The Loose released their fourth album in Ireland in October of 2010, it went top 10 on the national chart in it's first week, going to No.1 on iTunes and No.1 on the national indie chart and received the bands greatest reviews to date.

In December 2011 Republic of Loose will release a compilation of their first three albums in Europe through ADA Global. Don't miss your chance to catch the lads at the Vibe as they're sure to be a hit with the groovy funkin' Vibe crowd.

They're a serious band, so we're not allowed to say anything funny about them - but we will point out that there's a smell of benji off them... Read more at: www.republicofloose.com & www.myspace.com/republicofloose

The Low Riders

Norn Iron's Finest are back with a new lineup to rock your crazy heads (Partially suspending their day jobs of First & Deputy First Ministers of Northern Ireland). Also part of the lineup for the evening are Brian Grace and Flamin' Eamonn.

Matt & Phil have rocked the vibe on previous occasions with their faithful rendition of Daniel O'Donnell's greatest hits vol 2. This time however, they'll be giving Lizzy the high voltage treatment - and exclusive to the Vibe, Phil will be wearing his monitor shaped shoes with the stars on them (see pic right).

Brian Grace will be familiar to Vibers as a member of various past vibers such as The Elite, The Southbound Band, Gnasher and The Hoodoo Rhythm Devils amongst others. Brian is currently overcoming a serial hugging problem which began to effect his musical career when he stopped playing at the Vibe in 2010 and refused to play another note until he hugged everyone in the audience. If you should meet Brian anywhere around the Vibe venue in January and he gives you a funny look, or starts rocking back and forth whilst foaming at the mouth stay calm, give him a hug and say 'there there'. That'll do the trick.

We don't know Flamin' Eamonn too well, so we won't comment on him in case he turns out to be a violent psychopath - best to just say he's a deadly drummer...

Smiley Bolger

Great news pop pickers! - Groovy Disc-spinner Smiley Bolger will be getting down with the kids at this Vibe. He plans on hooking his record deck up to the universe and steering a course for poptastic nirvana - this is indeed a hip, fab & groovy happening not to be missed.

Rare sounds & vids from his extensive private collection (kept in a shoebox under the bed) will be the order of the day, and all you funky vibers will have a chance to boogie on down to the sights & sounds of yesteryear.

Once a member of the Osmonds, Smiley was born into a travelling Masai tribe in the 60's (the 1860's that is...) but his musical career didn't begin until the 1920's with the release of his debut album 'Pffft - Absolutely'. Following the release of his next three albums (Pffft Absolutely vols 2,3 & 4), Smiley decided to help Philo on his career path by recording an E.P. with him. This musical masterpiece was titled 'The half Mad Irishman', and is still highly sought after by wine growers on the island of Elba, who swear by its manurial type properties.

If you get a chance to rap with Smiley at the vibe, ask him about his other favourite pastimes, knitting and the early Bee Gee's (1964-72)

Vibe 2012 Review - Are You Ready?

Eric Egan - Hot Press - 13/01/12.
A Night of Heartfelt Homage to a Musical Icon

Over the years, given its brief, the Vibe has necessarily been a mixed affair. This, the 26th such event, was a 6 hour extravaganza, undoubtedly one of the best since its inception.

It was a rainy night. The night the vibe went down. Cue twin Gibson attack, mirrored shades and reflective scratch plate, as Sheffield's Thin Lizzy Experience kick off this year's 'Remembering' in muscular fashion. 'Are You Ready?' comes with added British steel, whilst 'Waiting For An Alibi' is tighter than a pair of Philip's leather trousers.

The Low Riders effortlessly capture the swing and sweet melody of 'classic' Lizzy. Sublime guitar tone and telepathic synchronicity funk up 'Angel From The Coast' and induce dervish trances on 'Opium Trail'. A slowed-down version of 'Romeo And The Lonely Girl' is given a jazzy nip and tuck, exposing its Van Morrison- inflected R&B DNA.

By contrast, Republic Of Loose find serenity in the shambolic. At times awkward and unsure, at others earnest and adventurous, their set is akin to watching a tightrope walker with a sprained ankle: heart-stopping and riveting. 'Running Back' is given an anarchic refit. The break down in 'Emerald' breaks down, with apologies from Mick Pyro, before redemption in the form of an anti-rock-free-form-solo-jam-off brings it back from the glen.

Dosh Nagle pulls some welcome rarities from the Grand Slam era vault. Solid driving bass and stentorian vocals provide a platform for the lonely midnight blues and Steely Dan-styled jazz guitar wander on 'Try A Little Harder'. The powerhouse three piece batter-rams 'Military Man', before turning it into a frenzied-fret-freeway of smoking hookahs. On a night of guitar gods, this is deification.

The evening finishes with the return of Thin Lizzy Experience for an energetic and high-octane closing set. A fitting end to a night of heartfelt homage to a musical icon.

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