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Writing at the time of Lynott's death Bill Graham noted that he was the only Irish musician strategically placed to successfully explore the new genre of rap both musically and linguistically. Unfortunately we will never know the results, only the possibilities laid down on a handful of tracks as Lynott pre-empted the style drawing on techniques developed during improvisations on the Abbey Theatre Stage and experimental jazz clubs in Dublin in the early 1970s. From Folk to Folklore, country, blues, jazz, trad, to pure pop, Lynott constantly strove to avoid being pigeon-holed within heavy rock and it was with this broad brushed canvas in mind, that the Vibe set out and continues to explore the Lynott Songbook in it's entirety.

In a nod to the past, Thin Lizzy founder and the man who named the band, Eric Bell and his Trio minus 1 will be taking the 30th Vibe on a stroll through the Power Trio years.

Making a special guest appearances will be drummer, Brian Downey, a long-term collaborator with Lynott from their schooldays, through the heydays of Thin Lizzy to Philo's various solo projects.

The dynamic opening act will be The Hoodoos featuring Johnny “The Fox” Conlon, rated as the only singer to effectively inhabit Philo's vocal space. A long time Vibe favourite their return should provide an explosive opening to proceedings.

Exploring the more sensitive side of the songbook will be Mongoose, a Dublin Jolk (Jazz/Folk) four-piece who have Lynott in the sights of their eclectic melting pot.

Singer/songwriter Fiach Moriarty, something of a musician's musicians, will explore similar territory with his jazz/pop take on things.

The Solo years will be the remit of The Soul Brothers featuring Jerome Rimson and Gus Isadore, both formerly of the Phil Lynott Soul Band and with CVs to make most of us absolutely drool.

Anchoring the show will be The Low Riders, a band for which most Lizzy supporters have run out of superlatives. They only come out on the 4th January so they are not to be missed.

Making a very welcome return to send everyone home sweatin' will be Dutch favourites Parris not seen since the early days of The Vibe at Vicar Street. Live you can expect them to be very dangerous as they unroll their instinctive understanding of the “Lizzy Groove.”

* The 30th Vibe for Philo took place on the 4th January 2016 at vicar Street Dublin and you can see the gallery and read more about the artists below. *

In addition to the Main Vibe for Philo gig in 2016, a YOUNG ROCKERS VIBE (Matinee for younger Vibers) took place on Sunday 3rd January 2016 Click to see pics and info here.

Vibe for Philo 2016 Lineup

The Eric Bell Trio

He founded Thin Lizzy and he gave it a name. With their first hit single he laid the foundations of what is known today as Celtic Rock. On their third album he created one of the iconic riffs for one of the all time great rock anthems. An innovative pioneering guitar player from his time in Van Morrison's Them through those first three Thin Lizzy albums,

The Eric Bell Trio

Eric Bell is a guitarists guitarist and probably one of the most under-rated players from that 1970s era which produced such greatness.

One of the real highlights of the 25th Vibe was Eric's "Vagabonds" driven set and while he promises us some "whiskey" with a "Rocker" chaser, you can expect a whirlwind trip through the power trio period.

Driving things along will be long time Vibe musical director Brian Grace (bass) and Tommy "Lenny" Leonard (drums).

Brian Downey

…………… and Brian Downey on Drums!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Legend, Icon, find you own superlative. The absolutely fantastic news is that Brian Downey will be sitting behind the kit at the 30th Vibe.

Brian Downey with Thin Lizzy

From the embryonic beginnings of the Black Eagles through Orphanage to the founding of Thin Lizzy, Brian Downey was always there with Philo in every phase of his career. He is the only surviving member to play on all Lizzy Albums, and not only contributed to Philo's solo projects but also played and toured a number of albums by Gary Moore.

Nobody living epitomises the Lizzy spirit more that the Crumlin born Kit-meister, so it is with real pleasure and anticipation that we are delighted to announce that Brian Downey will be joining the bill for the 30th Vibe!!

The Soul Brothers

Legendary bassist Jerome Rimson has a CV to make you drool. Freddy Mercury, Brian May, Mark Knopfler, Aretha Franklin, Elkie Brooks, Steve Winwood, Phil Collins, Ginger Baker, The Bee Gees, Edwin Starr, among others as well as being Van the Man's MD for over a decade.

Gus Isidore, aside from his long term partnership with Seal, has worked with legends such as Mark Bolan, Peter Gabriel and Peter Green. Back in the day both were part of the short-lived Phil Lynott Soul Band with Mark Nauseef, Jimmy Bain, and Darren Wharton.

Gus and Jerome are two of the original players on Phil's first solo album "Solo in Soho" and in honor of the 30th anniversary are putting together a set based on material from that album for a one off show. Those who attended the 10th Vibe will remember them for a particularly rousing version of the Philo/Gus song "Someone's always out to get you" and the 4th January 2016 will provide a rare opportunity to hear Philo's solo material played by some of those who helped create it in the first place. Nottobemissed!!!!!

The Low Riders

It may seem like a no-brainer but this one really was in doubt for a while. Just how do you surpass the performances of The Low Riders in Recent Years? Forgotten and overlooked gems have been dusted down by the Boys and reinvigorated to such an extent that they are now standards on the Tribute Hit List. Others such as New Day from the first EP are now anthems for the 21st century.

Never ones to sit on their laurels the guys have been scratching their heads looking for a new take on things Lizzy. Finally they have decided on a "Rare Groove Set" which will see many of those rare overlooked b-sides and album tracks performed at the level they deserve in what will a ride through some of their highlights over the past number of years with a few surprises thrown in.

Their imaginative takes have been regular highpoints at The Vibe and they are a must see for all true Lizzy Supporters before you die!


There we were sitting in Nuts Corner pondering the universe when we turned out thoughts to nostalgia and some of out highlights over the past 30 years. About 5000 videos later (and a considerable bout of nervous exhaustion) we found ourselves coming back to these boys again and again.

Dutch Rockers Parris first came under our radar back in 2001 at the 15th Vibe when they undertook the quite daunting task of being the first act to Jam with Robbo that year!! That night they acquitted themselves with some style and aplomb, their monumental take on Emerald still being high on our video hit-list. A particular highlight was John's impromptu performances building speeches to each act in the dressing room before they hit the stage, which, although unseen by most, contributed to a very memorable night.

John's unique vocal style has seen him styled as "on the list of most wanted forbidden weapons" which isn't too far wide of the mark. Like a fine wine Parris pre-date the whole tribute band thing and have an instinctive understanding of the "Lizzy Groove" or in lay-man's terms they are more rock band than record player. Despite some continuing hair loss Gert can still lay down a riff or three with the best of them!!

A little known fact about Parris is that during the fundraising for the Philo statue in Harry Street they undertook a tour of Belgium donating the entire proceeds to the cause.

Given the statues recent history of accidents their services may well be called into action again real soon.

Not seen since 2005 the boys have been on The Vibe wish list for a couple of years now so we are delighted to announce they will be threading the Vicar Street Boards one more time in 2016. Expect the roof to be raised and your socks to be knocked off. If your ready, they are definitely ready!!! Knowwhatimean?

The Hoodoos featuring John Conlon

Back in the heady days of Thin az Lizzy, Johnny "The Fox" Conlon burst onto the scene and quickly established himself as the only performer who could truly inhabit that Philo vocal space at which so many have tried and failed. After TAZ's demise John thrilled Vibe audiences in the early naughties with some memorable performances by the much loved Hoodoo Rhythm Devils.

Now, having teamed up with Sweet Savage Guitarist Ian "Speedo Wilson" and friends, the Hoodoos are ready to ride again for what will be the explosive opening act at the 30th Vibe.

Think of TNT on Amyl Nitrate with a dash of soul salsa and you can't go wrong. Definitely worth getting there early for!


Considering how impressive female performers have been at the Vibe over the decades it's always been a talking point among us at how few members of the fairer sex have actually graced the Vibe Stage. So you won't be surprised that Mongoose have been on our radar for a few years now since we heard their take on “Old Town.”

Describing themselves as a Jolk (Jazz/Folk) acoustic melting pot and "fond of an auld tune" Molly, Ailbhe, Muireann, and Cara, will be exploring the more sensitive side of the Lynott songbook - A bit special we think!!!!

Fiach Moriarty

According to Hot Press if Billy Bragg wrote lyrics for Jeff Lynn you might just get Fiach Moriarty. A seriously hard gigging musician, whether with a full concert orchestra or solo, Moriarty has been across our radar for a while now - we just haven't been able to catch up with him he works so hard.

Having heard he has a grá for Philo we intensified our efforts and are delighted to announce his appearance at the 30th Vibe. A bit special and very different we cant wait to hear his take on the softer side of things.

"Moriarty is one of Ireland's most talented singer-songwriters with a musical sophistication rare in the genre" - Paul Brady

"A real music man with an openness and bravery I rarely hear. When I hear Fiach sing I enjoy every note" - Eddi Reader

Vibe 2016 Review - The Sun Goes Down

Eamon Sweeney - Irish Independent
Philo's back in town after 30 years

Thirty years to the day since his premature death, Phil Lynott's family, friends and fans gather for a poignant yet euphoric celebration of his tragically short life, which left a musical legacy that will live forever.

This year's landmark anniversary results in a much brisker box office than usual. As Lynott's old friend, organiser and customary MC Smiley Bolger announces, last year's 29th Vibe was an all-seated affair due to a lack of demand. 2016 is a complete sell out.

The Hoodoos featuring Johnny 'The Fox' Conlon blast out of the traps with a rip-roaring set of classic Lizzy rock 'n' roll. Conlon's voice is a dead ringer for the great man himself and a brilliant way to kick-start the night.

Local Liberties singer-songwriter Fiach Moriarty offers an acoustic counterpoint to a raucous electric guitar-driven evening. Moriarty introduces his own special guest, Brian 'the Pigeon' for a lovely rendition of Running Back.

The Low Riders are a Vibe for Philo institution, annually kicking out the jams every January and anchoring the show. A no-nonsense rock quartet, their singer boasts an afro Philo would be proud of. They're joined by original Thin Lizzy drummer Brian Downey for a bumper selection of hits including Jailbreak, Don't Believe a Word, Dancing in the Moonlight and of course, The Boys Are Back in Town.

Philomena Lynott takes to the stage for a few words about her late son, recalling a woman she met who was pregnant when Philip died. The same woman's son is now in a band, so Philomena urges the audience to love our children and help foster an appreciation of music.

Mongoose, original Lizzy guitarist Eric Bell, Soul Brothers and Parris, keep the party rocking into the wee hours.

A black rose is placed on the microphone stand; a small but powerfully significant sign that Philo's spirit hasn't left the building.

Phil Lynott is 30 years dead. Long live Philo.

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